Deluxe Marketing Suite for Batchbook

The Deluxe Marketing Suite extension for Batchbook CRM saves time by automatically syncing your customers’ data between your Batchbook CRM module and VerticalResponse. Often, manually syncing the data between these two systems can take hours. But with this integration, you can sync the data in just a few clicks; you’ll always have the latest data available on both your Batchbook CRM and VerticalResponse accounts. You can change the sync cadence, based on how critical your list it. If you need an updated list every 2 hours, you can easily set it up. Whenever you want to send an email campaign, the data is readily available in your VerticalResponse account.

Key Features

  • Customer List Sync Scheduling: Schedule the sync cadence to one of the following options: 2 hours, 4 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours.
  • Advanced Fields Mapping: A simple user interface to map Batchbook CRM module's field(s) to VerticalResponse labels. For your convenience, the Batchbook CRM fields are sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Two-way Sync: Deluxe Marketing Suite lets you sync data from Batchbook CRM to VerticalResponse, as well as from VerticalResponse to Batchbook CRM.
  • Automated Sync and List Population: Once the Deluxe Marketing Suite user initiates a sync, the list will be automatically populated in their VerticalResponse account. View the latest data advance logs to see why some contacts failed to sync and the reason for the failure between Batchbook CRM & DMS apps. 

How It Works:

  • A user would need to grab the username and API key from their Batchbook account and use that for their user credentials for the Deluxe Marketing Suite integration.
  • User name can be grabbed from the post login Batchbook CRM URL, set as subdomin.
  • API key can be retrieved by clicking on the dropdown “user name” link from the top left corner and select “integrations”
  • Select which Batchbook modules and fields should be uploaded to the VerticalResponse account for further marketing and promotional use-cases.
  • Once the sync is defined, it keeps the list up to date, based on the sync cadence settings.
  • Upload the VerticalResponse campaign engagement stats into Batchbook CRM.